We started in 2006 by playing games with street children in Delhi, in one of the local shopping centres. Now we have two Educational Centers in developing areas. Pariwartan Educational Center in Delhi and Rejoice Educational Center in Haryana.

Pariwartan & Rejoice Educational Centers
We provide free tuition for children from 3rd till 12th class. While government school have about 60 students per class, we have a maximum of 12 students per class to make sure each child gets the attention they need in order to learn. Beside teaching, we also encourage our students to prepare to go to college and we work towards expanding their understanding of the possibilities they have in further studies and job opportunities.

Since we want to reach out to the whole area, and not only children, we startedĀ DorcasĀ in 2010. Twice a week Pariwartan School is open for women after our school timings. Here we provide English speaking classes followed by a course in stitching.

All activities of DiLi are provided for free to those who are not able to pay for education or training.