Who We Are

DiLi Foundation, from its inception, was all about the children who had the spark of learning, but were not fortunate to be able to attend schools since they were living in precarious conditions in the slums of Delhi. Our beginning is humble — by teaching kids through play in shopping centers. Today, with the support of our sponsors, we are making education possible and changing lives.

We work towards the improvement of life circumstances of the underprivileged. We focus on the children’s education, but we understand that the well-being of their families is key to our success. For this reason, we regularly visit families’ homes in order to assess their needs so we can help. By the same token, we extend our assistance to women — offering them free training for a sustainable self-sufficiency.

Our project is to cultivate an integral solution to families and communities by offering education, medical assistance, tools, and training to help them break the cycle of poverty. More than anything, we give them hope.

We can’t wait to see you as part of their dream.