We started in 2006 by playing games with street children in Delhi, in one of the local shopping centres. Now we an Education Center in a slum area. Pariwartan School and a new property for a new school at the border of Delhi.

‘Pariwartan’ is the Hindi word for restoration. This is a combination of a Tuition Center and school. We provide free tuition in the morning for boys who are going to the government school in the afternoons. In the afternoons we provide tuition for kids who are going to public schools. We also have a few students who didn’t get admission in another school, they stay with us the whole day.

Since we want to reach out to the whole area, and not only children, we started Dorcas in 2010. Twice a week Pariwartan School is open for women after our school timings. Here we provide English speaking classes followed by a course in stitching.

All activities of DiLi are provided for free to those who are not able to pay for education or training.